Apr 10 2013

Lockheed over a year late with riskfull tailhook fix to Navy’s F-35C

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Lockheed Martin has come up with a new design for the tailhook on the F35 Joint Strike Fighters that should allow the Navy variant, the F-35C, to land on carriers and speed the long-delayed process of getting the aircraft out to the fleet, Lockheed and Navy officials said Wednesday.
The fix is over a year late, also -35C arresting hook location and installation geometry (subject matter well described in MIL-A-18717) is a risky radical deviation from successful modern designs. In comparison to those others, F-35c locates the arresting hook much closer to the main gear, and uses a shorter hook with much less trail angle.
It remains to be seen, if and how reliably, an F-35C might catch a cross deck pendant with arresting hook while the deck pitches and rolls in adverse higher sea state conditions. If arrested recovery is reliable only in fair weather, then Navy won’t buy many F-35C.

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