Sep 20 2013

Japan: traditional F-35 stealth will be obsolete within 10 years

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The Japanese newsagency NHK News report that Japan will invest in the development of radartechnology for detecting stealth aircraft.

Perfect stealth detection in 2020

The Japan Defense Ministry has reservered a budget of US$40 for the first step in 2013 to support the hightech Japanese industry to develop radar which will be capable of detecting and tracking stealth aircraft. Sources within the Japanse R&D Defence Institute said that the new radar would detect an enemy stealth fighter at a distance by emitting high-powered radar waves in a focused way. In addition, a new system will be developed to share positional information of the stealth fighter with a central control system to intercept it. The central system can be integrated with fighter-aircraft, ship airdefense and ground-based airdefense missile batteries by datalink technology. In this way each battlefield unit (aircraft, vehicle, ship) may share the data from these new type of radars. New high tech radar systems will be supplemented by other detection sensors (like infrared) in one integrated system.

Stealth: concept of the 20th century

NHK News did quote some ministry officials that this is necessary because China (J-20 fighter) as well as Russia (Sukhoi T-50) are currently working on next-generation fighter jets, which have stealth characteristics. The project has a very high priority and the purpose is to field an operational system within 10 years. The operational value of stealth aircraft will be much lower than expected and will turn out to be a typical “concept of the previous” wars in the eighties and nineties of the 20th century.

Russia and China: same development of anti-stealth radar

It is well-known that Russia and China (learning their lessons from the Kosovo War and Gulf War) started development of new detection systems. The new integrated systems contain stealth-killing advances including VHF and UHF radars being developed by and passive-detection system (once devised by Czech researchers). The latter uses radar, television, cellular phone and other available signals of opportunity reflected off stealthy aircraft to find and track them. Infrared detection (of the very hot F-35 !!) will be integrated also.


These new detection systems could reverse a 30-year trend that has seen the U.S. Air Force gain an increasing advantage over enemy defenses. The long development time makes the F-35 obsolete when entering operational servies in 2020. It is an old concept, based on ideas of the nineties of the 20th century. The limitations of the stealth design will limit it operational lifetime and it will be impossible to use it as long (30 years) as the F-16. No any F-117 stealth fighter is still in use, after only 17 years of service……….

NHK News; 28-aug-2013
Japan News 20-sep-2013

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