Jan 23 2014

Lockheed accused of inflating F-35 job numbers

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According to the non-profit research group the Center for International Policy, Lockheed Martin has exaggerated the number of U.S. jobs generated by the production of the F-35 combat jet.

Lockheed Martin claims that it has created 125.000 U.S.-based direct and indirect jobs in 46 states, but the Center for International Policy reports that this “is roughly double the likely number of jobs sustained by the program“. The report was released Wednesday.

According to William D. Hartung, the report’s author, the real figure, based on standard estimating procedures used in other studies in the field, should be on the order of 50.000 to 60.000 jobs.
Similarly, the company’s claim that there is significant work being done on the F-35 in 46 states does not hold up to scrutiny. Even by Lockheed Martin’s own estimates just two states – Texas and California – account for over half of the jobs generated by the F-35. The top five states, which include Florida, Connecticut and New Hampshire – account for 70% of the jobs.

Given the uncertainties surrounding the F-35 program, which has been identified as a possible budget-cutting target by a wide range of non-governmental and governmental bodies, it makes sense for communities that are looking to the F-35 as an important part of their economic futures to develop fallback plans that can be implemented in the event of the cancellation or scaling back of the F-35 program.

William Hartung; CIP; january 2014; PDF download Promising the Sky: Pork Barrel Politics and the F-35 Combat Aircraft

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