Jul 14 2014

Head Pentagon Acquisition Kendall says: “F-35 Fire Cause Not Systemic”

Gepubliceerd door JSFNieuws.nl om 5:57 onder Global F35 News

Breaking Defense reports:

LONDON: The head of Pentagon acquisition told reporters here today that “we do not see at this point what I call a systemic problem” resulting from the F-35A fire that led to the grounding of the fleet.

“We understand to a degree what happened here. The question is why did it happen,” according to reporting by my colleague Amy Butler of Aviation Week.

Kendall told reporters that blades in the engine’s low-pressure turbine and the surrounding cowl rubbed much more than is acceptable and a blade failed. That led to the fire.

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Breaking Defense; 13-Jul-2014; Colin Clark; “Kendall ID’s F-35 Fire Cause: ‘Not Systemic’

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