Aug 21 2006

Pro F-35 Senator Blumenthal and his payments by US Defence Industry

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The new chairman of the US Senate Committee on Armed Services - AirLand subcommittee told reporters he had a clear solution for the troubled F-35 program: “Fully fund it“.

His name? Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), was handed the panel’s AirLand subcommittee gavel Tuesday morning.
He told a Defense News reporter on Tuesday 11-mar-2014: “I’m a supporter of the Joint Strike Fighter. And I’ll continue to be. A lot of the problems have been resolved. I’m hoping it will [avoid] any further obstacles or funding challenges.

He didn’t tell the reporter that both Lockheed Martin (2011 and 2012) and F135 engine manufacturer United Technologies (2011) were paying considerable amounts to him during his election campaign as a senator.

Lobbying in a so called democracy or the corruption of a so-called banana republic….. What’s the difference?

Defense News; 11-mar-2014 “New SASC AirLand Chairman on F-35 Remedy: Fully Fund It
MapLight website, revealing moneys influence on politics; Richard Blumenthal

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