Mrt 12 2011

US House Armed Services hearing about tactical aviation

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On Tuesday March 15, 2011 at 11:30 a hearing will start of the Subcommittee of the Armed Forces of the U.S. House of Representatives about the US Navy and US Marine Corps, and Air Force Tactical Aviation Programs. Main subject will be the progress and funding of the Joint Strike Fighter program.

The hearing will be opened by an inquiry of the Honorable Ashton Carter, Under Secretary of Defense for Acqusition, Technology, and Logistics of the Office of the Secretary of Defense.
Second person to be inquired is Mr. David M. Van Buren, Acting Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition of the U.S. Air Force.
Next is the debute of Vice Admiral David Venlet, Program Executive Office, F-35 Lightning II Program of the U.S. Department of Defense and responsible since June 2010 for the progress of the F-35 program.
Finally Mr. Michael J. Sullivan, Director for Acquisition and Sourcing of the U.S. Government Accountability Office will be heard about his findings in the F-35 program.

Wahington insider skeptical about the hearing

One Washington insider’s is skeptical about the House Armed Services hearing. He wrote: “The scheduled witnesses for this HASC hearing are a classic set up for non-oversight: Aston Carter and a bunch of bobbleheads. GAO’s Michael Sullivan, whose GAO group has in the past done some perfectly decent F-35 reporting, is the single exception; rest assured, however, that all Committee members, except for the rare skeptic — if one exists on that House Armed Services Committee — will be fully primed with questions about GAO’s work researched, if not written, by Carter and his bobbleheads. Keep an eye out for the F-35 farm-defending question read off by a Member from staff, rather DOD, notes in front of him or her. The other waste of time in questioning will be about the GE/RR F-136 engine; none of them have a decent airframe to put competed engines into, but then for a real fighter engine they would need to start all over again, wouldn’t they?”

Mrs. Fox, Director of DOD Cost Estimate and Eval Office, missing

One person, missing this year is Director Mrs. Fox (DOD Cost Estimate and Program Eval Office). A F-35 Program insider supposed that Mrs Fox was not on the schedule this time, probably because what she would have to say would be too depressing.
One year ago, on March 10, 2010, as part of the reporting to Congress due to the Nunn McCurdy breach Director Fox testified that the DOD Cost Estimate and Program Eval Office would soon present to Congress new estimates of F-35 operating costs. This proofed to be very revealing information, confirming that the cost estimates of JET I (2008) and JET II (2009) were realistic and not those of Lockheed Martin and the JSF Program office.

These new operating cost projections by Director Fox will be extremely revealing and could end up being more important than the new unit cost projections. It will also be very interesting to see how close to accurate the USN operating cost estimate is of USN and USMC F-35’s of around $31,000 an hour from the “leaked” Jan 4 2010 briefing slide.

In a second witness panel the following persons will be heard:
(1) Vice Admiral Mark Skinner, Principal Military Deputy to the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Research, Development and Acquisition) of the U.S. Navy.
(2) Lieutenant General Terry G. Robling, Deputy Commandant of the Marine Corps for Aviation of the U.S. Marine Corps
(3) Rear Admiral Kenneth E. Floyd, Director of the Air Warfare Division of the U.S. Navy
(4) Lieutenant General Mark D. “Shack” Shackelford, Military Deputy, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition of the U.S. Air Force
(5) Lieutenant General Herbert J. “Hawk” Carlisle, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations of the U.S. Air Force


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