Mrt 15 2011

F-35 flight testing to be resumed partly

Gepubliceerd door om 6:32 onder Global F35 News

Last week a total grounding was ordered for the entire F-35 test aircraft fleet. Immediately an investigiation started to find the root cause of the t problem. Based on the first analysis of the incident, data showed that the electrical generator failure and oil leak is typical for the newer type generators.

Seven test aircraft with the old types of generators are cleared to resume test flights again. This means prototype AF-1, AF-2, AF-3, BF-1, BF-2, BF-3 and BF-4 are cleared to fly again.

Three other protypes AF-4, BF-5 and CF-1 ares still grounded. Also the first two pre-production aircraft AF-6 and AF-7 are grounded. These aircraft have a newer type generator, an upgraded redesign of the old type generator. The root cause of the problems after the redesign has to be investigated.

The problem may influence all aircraft of the LRIP-2 and LRIP-3 series in various stages of production at the moment. Also it will delay the first flights of prototype CF-2 and CF-3.

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