Mrt 23 2011

Australian Defence Officials: no need to change F-35 planning

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Australian Defence Department believers there is no need to review plans to spend more than $20 billion on 72 F-35 stealth fighters despite American program cost increases and despite a Canadian Parliamentary report that warns for delays and much higher final costs.

Canberra Times quotes an Australian Defence spokesma: ”Detailed analysis shows the JSF is the preferred and most cost-effective long-term solution for Australia’s air combat superiority’. (….) ”Many ‘independent’ reports on JSF costs are based on extrapolation of historical data from legacy fighter programs, and as a consequence, do not reflect actual detailed cost analysis undertaken by the US Government and the JSF Program Office.”

Comments of the Canberra Times: (Australian) Defence’s continuing reliance on the American cost, time and capability projections appears difficult to justify given recent high-level claims they could be subject to change with little or no notice.

The defence blogger Eric Palmer commented about “the Australian gamble with the F-35“:
Australian Defence has a poor record of making sure projects reach the warfighter with usable capability. Spinning the roulette wheel on the F-35 can only make this reputation worse. Maybe our elected officials will wise-up and demand some action. That action would be to put a pause on handing any money over for the F-35 program. Given the F-35s troubled situation, it is the minimum that should be done to help avoid a massive procurement disaster.

Canberra Times; 23-mar-2011; Blowouts don’t change F=35 plans

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