Mrt 23 2011

All F-35 flying again, was power outrage maintenance mistake only?

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Two weeks after the in-flight generator failure of F-35A prototype AF-4 all F-35s have been cleared to resume flight testing.

As Stephen Trimble of Flight International reported Wednesday March 23, 2011:
The clearance means that all 12 flying F-35s, including 10 flight test and two production models, have returned to flight status, with seven aircraft already flying since 16 March.
A root-cause investigation revealed the cause of the power outage involved a maintenance mistake, programme officials say. Too much oil was poured into the generator system, causing the oil to overheat and shut down the power system, Lockheed says.
Identifying the cause as a maintenance error means the design of one of the F-35’s most critical flight-safety components is not in question.

However, several hours after publication the story was pulled from the Flight International website again; it seems the good news was a little bit premature. So the question is: was power outrage a maintenance mistake only?

Source: Flight International; Stephen Trimble; 23-mar-2011; “All F-35s cleared to resume flight tests”

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