Apr 08 2011

Senator John McCain: JSF cost overruns a disgrace

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The well known senator and former president-candidate John McCain (R-Ariz.) recently described in colorful language his opinion about the Joint Strike Fighter in an interview with Christian Science Monitor:

“The F-35, the next generation fighter jet, I mean it is a disgrace. It is an absolute disgrace, the cost overruns. It’s been now something like 18 months behind schedule and already double the original cost. You just cannot sustain such behavior in these days of economic hard times. I am incredibly frustrated and angry at Army procurement procedures. They screw up a contract beyond belief. We decide not to buy the product and yet we’re still paying for the product. Where else in America is that kind of deal available? I mean it’s nuts.”

Senator McCain had a clear message for the Pentagon about projects like the Texas-made fighter: “They’re going to have to clean up this procurement act.”

Source: MySanAntonio blog.

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