Apr 26 2011

Canadian leader Ignatieff: “JSF is out of control”

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Still after the the Canadian department of National Defence confirmed Monday April 26, 2011 to The Canadian Press that defence officials have been told the cost of Lockheed Martin’s F-35 fighter jets is expected to jump, the Canadian conservative Leader Stephen Harper denies the rising cost of the JSF is a problem and says the cost of Canada’s JSF is still within budget, even after the department in charge confirmed the original price will rise. The new Pentagon report suggests Canada could pay up to $24 billion over 30 years to maintain 65 planes.

Harpert said :“Many of the reports you’re citing are comparing apples to oranges. Our experts have put out their detailed figures and everything we’ve seen is within those figures and their contingencies — the contingencies that have been allowed”.

‘This thing is out of control’

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said Harper simply isn’t telling the truth when it comes to the costs of the fighter jets: “And the thing that is so mendacious about what the government is doing is that they say to the Canadian people we can get you the plane at the right price. Let me tell you folks. Not even President Obama knows what the planes are going to cost. This thing is out of control.”

Full report at CBC.CA; 26-apr-2011; “Harper dismisses reports of F-35 cost hikes

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