Mrt 16 2012

UK again looking at F-35B STOVL variant ?

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Media sources are reporting that the United Kingdom might possibly be revisiting its previous decision to abandon the use of carrier-based STOVL aircraft. The United Kingdom’s opposition Labour Party reportedly delivered a letter to the Ministry of Defence questioning the governing Conservative Party’s ongoing defense review that supposedly may result in a reinstatement of budgetary request authority to procure the F-35B STOVL variant of the Joint Strike Fighter as part of the FY2012/13 budget request.


Labour Party concerns appear to revolve around the rising costs and difficulties recently associated with the F-35 program and additional costs necessitated by a redesign of the new Queen Elizabeth-class carriers. The governing Conservative Party has admitted publicly that all aspects of the FY2012/13 budget submission are under review and a decision would be delivered to Parliament this spring.

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