Mrt 05 2012

Partner Countries Confirm Support for F-35, but orders delayed

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Amidst growing concern and criticism about the rising cost and delays, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program received a welcome vote of confidence last week from the United States and eight other nations during an international meeting sponsored by Canada. The attendees made it known that they fully support the continued development of the controversial aircraft.
Inside sources reported that Canada’s Associate Minister of National Defense, Julian Fantino, sponsored a dinner and a day-long meeting in the Canadian Embassy in Washington D.C. with the intent of improving communications between the nine partner nations sharing development of the stealth fighter.
Last month, Italy announced its decision to reduce its initial order for 131 aircraft by 30 percent and Britain announced that it would postpone until 2015 a decision on the total number of aircraft it would acquire. Initially, Britain planned to purchase 138 F-35s and has placed a firm order for three aircraft costing a total of $632 million with the first scheduled to be delivered in June. Australia is also reviewing its previous decision to buy 12 F-35s and Turkey has decided to delay its purchase of two planes until a date to be announced later.

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