Mei 18 2012

F-35 and UK industrial commitment 5 years ago………

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A perfect illustration of what went wrong with the UK JCA (JSF) Joint Combat Aircraft project can be found at the website of JSF UK Industrial Team, an informal alliance of UK companies committed to the JSF project.

Since 2009 the UK industrial partners didn’t update the website anymore………. As an illustration of their commitment, one would think.

In service date
A good of illustration of the irrealistic assumptions. The UK industrial partners assumed this schedule would become reality:

In Service Date - 2012
The first JSF will be operational in the US in 2010 with the first UK Squadron due to enter service in 2012. Notable UK Major Milestones are:
· 2001 SDD MOU Signature
· 2001 Source Selection decision
· 2002 Variant Selection decision
· 2007 PFSD MOU
· 2008 BF-1 first flight
· 2010 First aircraft delivery
· 2012 In Service Date

At this moment an “In service date” for the UK F-35B will be not earlier than 2021…….., about 9 years late.


Also the industry assumed to generate major industrial value; at that moment sales people thought a production of 4.500-5.000 F-35s would be possible. About the UK “planning assumption” the website told this:
The current UK planning assumption is for up to 150 F-35B aircraft to satisfy the JCA requirement, although the UK’s initial buy may be slightly fewer. It is widely believed that F-35 will also be a component of the FOAS solutions, in which case there is the possibility of significant further sales (although these may not be of the STOVL configuration). This has
ramifications for support and training concepts and costs.

Budget reality is that money is available for some 30-35 F-35B’s……… Industrial commitment? To what?

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