Mei 15 2012

US Study: F-35 makes more noise, up to 21 dB.

Gepubliceerd door om 10:13 onder Global F35 News

Vermont, USA - The long-awaited environmental impact study (EIS) around Vermont Air National Guard Base at Burlington International Airport concluded the F-35 makes more noise than existing F-16 fighter jets.

Amont the study’s findings:
- If the F-35 is deployed here, more residential areas in the region would be subjected to sound levels above a 65 decibel day/night average (DNL) — a benchmark used by the Federal Aviation Administration to qualify housing for buy-back and demolition.

- During takeoff, the F-35’s sound levels would be about 21 decibels higher than those of the F-16. Most experts term this as a substantial increase.

A copy of the study’s executive summary can be obtained online at “EIS Vermont F-35 noise (11 Mb)“. Page ES-21 shows the huge difference in noise levels between the current F-16 and F-35A.

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