Mei 16 2012

Problems with onboard oxygen generation system

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Washington - Last Sunday on CBS “60 minutes” a unique and embarassing event took place for the USA.
Dressed in flight suits, two F-22 fighter pilots, Major Jeremy Gordon and Captain Josh Wilson of the US Air Force, told the public they suffered severe cases of hypoxia and refused to fly the F-22 in January.

Major Gordon: “I am not comfortable flying in the F-22 right now, in a room full of F-22 pilots, the vast majority will be coughing a lot of the times. Other things, such as lying down for bed at night after flying and getting just the spinning-room feeling, dizziness, tumbling, vertigo kind of stuff.”

The US Air Force says the 25 cases of pilot hypoxia with the F-22, stems from one of two problems: Either the onboard oxygen generation system is not providing sufficient air or the air itself is contaminated. The root cause hasn’t been found until now.

Several sources confirmed us that the same onboard oxygen generation system (OBOGS) may be used in the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.
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