Mei 23 2012

Testpilot colonel Tomasetti about X-35 and F-35

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On April 3, U.S. Marine Corps Col. Art Tomassetti became “Lightning 35,” the 35th test pilot to fly the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter. Tomassetti is a trailblazer as he was an original test pilot for the X-35, precursor to today’s F-35 aircraft in flight test. Public Relations Officer of Naval Air Systems Command asked Tomassetti to share his history with the program.

He said “My first X-35 flight occurred on 10 November [2000], the Marine Corps’ birthday, which was a great addition to the excitement of the day.”

And now, just about 12 years of development effort and US$ 55 billion of development contracts and a planned IOC in 2019 he concludes: “We start flying now (only) with the basic flight capabilities and aircraft systems and we master them. As the aircraft’s capabilities increase, we’ll increase what we train until we have our full combat-capable aircraft configuration with pilot and maintainers who are expert operators.

An, yes, we agree with Tomasetti: “We have come a long way between the X-35 and F-35 and, while we still have more to do, it is clear we are on track to a remarkable airplane.”

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