Jun 20 2012

US Senator Levin: Lockheed Needs Pressure to Pare F-35 Costs

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Bloomberg reports about the reaction of Senator Levin on the latest US GAO report and the news that the first four Low Rate Initial Production series (total of 63 aircraft) are exceeding the combined (contractual) target price with about US$ 1 billion.

Some quotes:
We have to keep the pressure on,” Senator Carl Levin, a Michigan Democrat, said in an interview. “We’ve got to have contracts which are fixed-priced. We have to make reductions.


We’ve got to have a backup, which is what the F-18 is all about,” Levin said of the current fighter built by Boeing Co. The Navy has included funds through 2017 to buy 51 additional F-18s, in part as a hedge against further delays in the 78 F-35s it wants to acquire in those years.

Read more, including reaction of Lockheed Martin: Bloomberg Businessweek 19-jun-2012

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