Jul 07 2012

South-Korea threatens to disqualify F-35

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The journalist Lee Tae-hoon reports in the Korean Times about the South-Korean fighter evaluation. South Korea want to do a realistic evaluation on their own conditions (and not an evaluation like in several JSF partner countries, based only on simulations, criteria and testscenario’s set up with assistance of people closely involved with JSF Program Office):

A top procurement official issued an ultimatum to U.S. defense giant Lockheed Martin Thursday over its refusal to allow Korean pilots to conduct test flights of its F-35 fighter jet.

“Seoul may eliminate the F-35 from its fighter jet acquisition competition if Lockheed Martine does not comply with our demands,” Oh Tae-shik, head of the program management agency at the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA), told The Korea Times.”

Read more: The Korea Times

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