Jul 19 2012

UK takes delivery of first F-35B Lightning II

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The first of the UK’s next generation stealth combat aircraft has today been handed over to the British Ministry of Defence (MOD).

At a ceremony in Fort Worth, Texas, Defence Secretary Philip Hammond formally accepted the first of the jets, which will be known as Lightning II.

The aircraft are short take-off and vertical landing (STOVL) F-35B Joint Strike Fighters and are manufactured by Lockheed Martin.
The UK is the first country outside the US to receive these aircraft, and Mr Hammond today announced that the MOD intends to order a fourth Lightning II aircraft next year to add to the three already on contract.

The RAF and Royal Navy will conduct flight trials of the jets which will operate from land bases and from the sea.

Lightning II will be operational from land-based airfields from 2018, when it will also commence flight trials off HMS Queen Elizabeth carrier. Mr Hammond announced that the jets are likely to be based at RAF Marham in Norfolk, but no decision has yet been made.

The UK will benefit from interoperability with the US Marine Corps which operates STOVL aircraft similar to the Lightning II.

The multi-role jet features the latest stealth and intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR) technology and represents the cutting-edge of combat aircraft design.

Fifteen per cent of Joint Strike Fighter work is carried out in the UK, and over 130 British companies contribute to the supply chain. It is worth over £1billion to UK industry each year and will support around 25.000 British jobs over the next 25 years.

After the acceptance ceremony, the Defence Secretary toured Lockheed Martin’s production plant with representatives of major UK subcontractors on the programme, including BAE Systems and Rolls-Royce.

Mr Hammond said: “This hugely capable combat aircraft is now officially British and in the hands of our expert pilots. Highly skilled British aerospace workers are also playing a vital role in the delivery of Lightning II, with UK companies involved in 15 per cent of the production and 25,000 British jobs sustained as a result. Having taken decisions on the final designs of our new aircraft carriers and balanced the MOD’s budget, we can now proceed confidently to regenerating our carrier strike capability with these cutting-edge stealth combat aircraft.”

The Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Dalton, said: “The delivery of the United Kingdom’s first Lightning II marks the beginning of a new era in our ability to project air power from the land or sea. Alongside our increasingly capable combat-proven multi-role Typhoons, the Lightnings provide an additional complementary capability to our growing Combat-ISTAR force.”

During the ceremony the second F-35B (called BK-2, s/n ZM136) served as a background of the podium. Test pilot Bill Gigliotti flew this F-35B on 11 July 2012 during the 1.4-hour first flight from NAS Fort Worth.
After the ceremony, the first F-35B for the United Kingdom (called BK-1, s/n ZM135) was flown on a local area flight with RAF Squadron Leader Jim Schofield at the controls.
Both aircraft will join other F-35s at the training center at Eglin AFB, Florida, later this year.

Originally one squadron of the planned 150 F-35’s would be operational in the British Forces in 2010-2012. Due to delays in the development of the aircraft, the current Initial Operational Capability is planned in 2019-2020, an eight year delay. The number of aircraft to be purchased is not known at this moment, but has to be decided by MOD in 2014-2015. Defence analysts in UK are expecting a number of about 48 F-35s.

Source: Press Release Ministry of Defense (Equipment and Logistics); 19-jul-2012; UK

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