Jun 15 2009

Lithium-ion batteries power F-35 Lightning II JSF

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Arlington USA - The French owned company Saft is delivering the 28V and 270V lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries that will power the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) through phases one, two and three of its LRIP programme.

In 2002, Saft America competed on the initial system design and development (SDD) phase of the F-35 Lightning II JSF electrical power management system (EPMS).
Saft was awarded contracts for the 28V batteries that provide start-up power for the APU (auxiliary power unit) and the 270V batteries that provide back-up power to operate the flight control surfaces.

The initial JSF 28V battery was derived from the F-22 Raptor programme, using Saft’s aircraft maintenance-free battery (AMFB) nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) technology.
The AMFB 28V battery carried the programme successfully through the aircraft’s first flight in December 2006.
To help reduce the aircraft weight, Saft proposed a high-power 28V Li-ion battery, and this battery was used to fulfil the SDD phase of the programme.

The Li-ion deployment began in late 2004 and continues into the LRIP (low rate initial production) phases.
The 270V JSF battery was specifically custom-designed and manufactured to meet the exacting needs of the JSF application.
It is a high-power 270V Li-ion battery that has fulfilled the needs of the aircraft, beginning with the SDD phase and continuing into the LRIP phase.

Saft completed the SDD phase of the JSF programme in 2008 and has been awarded orders for the 28V and 270V Li-ion batteries for the LRIP I, II and III phases. Initial delivery of the LRIP batteries began in 2009.

Source: Press Release Saft Batteries 15-jun-2009

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