Feb 16 2013

Dutch Clingendael Institute: no JSF in revised Dutch defence strategy

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Thursday 14-feb-2013 the Clingendael Institute (Netherlands premier non-governmental geopolitics and defense think tank) published a report in which it advises the Rutte-II cabinet not to decide to purchase the f-35 later this year.
In three of four scenario’s there is no place for the F-35 JSF. Citing an uncertain cost and developmental future for the project, Clingendael Institute warns that the purchase of the JSF would threaten the Netherlands’ ability to operate internationally, as escalating costs would negatively affect the other services’ operational capabilities in order to fund the JSF project.

According to Clingendael “The best option would be to see the Dutch armed forces as a ‘robust stabilisation force’. This means the Netherlands would not take part in the initial phases of an intervention, with a high level of violence, but would contribute to peace and stability operations.

Read more: DutchNews.nl; 14-feb-2013; “JSF jet does not fit in revised Dutch defence strategy, says institute

Source: Clingendael Institute; (PDF) “Clingendael’s visie op de krijgsmacht van de toekomst“. The report is in Dutch language, however, an Executive Summary, in English, van be found at page 11.

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