Mrt 28 2014

Will the F-35 make their show debut at RIAT and Farnborough 2014?

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Reuters reports that the U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel should be “very close” to a decision to allow 2 to 4 F-35s to fly at the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) and the international Farnborough Air show, both in July 2014, seven years after the first flight of the prototpe AA-1.

So the visitors may enjoy the sound of freedom of the F-35B, likely if almost certainly exceed the threshold of pain (~125 dBA) quite some distance from the machine. Even if it is the F-35A, will still need those ear plugs (assuming it does some sort of flying display).

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Chicage Tribune News (Reuters); 26-mar-2014; Andrea Shalal;
Exclusive: U.S. set to approve international debut of F-35 fighter: sources

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