Mrt 29 2014

South Korea: buying F-35 to get own engineering knowledge

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Defense News reports about the final decision of South Korea to start negotations about a F-35 contract: to fullfill their F-X3 requirement to replace the obsolete F-4E Phantom II fighters. in the previous F-X1 and F-X2 batches South Korea bought the Boeing F-15K Eagle.

However it seems, the F-X3 program will be used to get more knowledge of stealth fighter engineering:

South Korea will ask Lockheed Martin to invest in the country’s KF-X fighter jet development project as part of offset deals over its selection of the F-35 joint strike fighter. The Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) made a final decision March 24 to buy 40 F-35As through the US Foreign Military Sales program. A final contract on the deal will be signed by September, according to the arms agency, with the first delivery in 2018.”

Buying engineering knowledge to develop a competitor of the F-35…..

The development of the own homebuild South Korean KF-X fighter is aimed at developing an F-16-class jet after 2023 in partnership with foreign governments and companies. This would mean that there is a small chance to get additional orders for more F-35’s to replace the South-Korean F-16 fighters in the twenties.

Defense News writes how South Korea wants to use the F-35 purchase to get engineering knowledge:
Our focus is to receive quality technology for the KF-X development,” said Jung Kwang-sun, head of DAPA’s Aircraft Business Department. “Should a partner company invest in a joint development project, it could be more responsible for the project concerned.”
“The F-35 builder also will offer more than 500,000 pages of technical documentation derived from the F-16, F-35 and F-22, another stealth combat jet built

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Defense News; 29-Mar-2014; Jung Sung-ki; “

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