Jul 12 2014

Dutch F-35s will be assembled in Italy, country of the Fyra and NH90

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While the JSF Program Office will select a candidate by the end of 2014 to carry out airframe maintenance on European and Israelian F-35 joint strike fighters, Italy’s defense minister has said Cameri Air Base in northern Italy is the favorite.

She announced, that the Dutch Governement has signed an agreement to assemble the Dutch F-35’s in Italy.
Despite recent experiences with problematic joint projects with subsidiairies of Italian Finnmeccanica, Dutch Minister of Defence mrs. Hennis Plasschaert stated that she is “absolutely enthusiastic” about the Italian industry.
A remarkable enthusiasm, where the Dutch Government was confronted with the much troubled FYRA train system, build by another Finnmeccanica company Breda-Ansaldo; and the Royal Netherlands AirForce has delayed further delivery of the AgustaWestland NH90 helicopters, assembled in Italy by Finnmeccanica company AgustaWestland.

DefenseNews reports some other facts:

Pinotti pressed home the merits of Cameri during a meeting with US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on June 27 and told Defense News she was also arguing that the facility get a share of final assembly work on European jets, not just future maintenance.

Norway was a second target, she [Pinotti} said. Israel, Pinotti said, has also expressed an interest in construction at Cameri. “If they would like to come to Italy we would be very happy,” she said.


“It is no coincidence that Cameri is on Air Force land and was a choice made not by industry but by the government,” she added. While Cameri was funded by the government, it is now managed by Italian state-controlled firm Alenia Aermacchi, teamed with Lockheed Martin.”

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  1. willemhagemanon 12 Jul 2014 at 15:44

    Mama Mia, als dat maar goed komt?

    Zie ook via Google/ ‘productie JSF’ de link:Zusterbedrijf fabrikant Fyra kandidaat voor productie JSF. Een Sargasso artikel met als thema: politiek, serie te land,ter zee en in de lucht.

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