Mrt 26 2016

Man Who Sold F-35 Secrets to China Pleads Guilty

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Vice News reports about the man who sould F-35 secrets to China:
Su Bin is facing five years in prison for his role as ringleader in one of the most elaborate and daring hacking operations uncovered in North America.
The 50-year-old Chinese citizen, who also held permanent residency in Canada, pled guilty this week after more than two years of legal proceedings. He copped to funneling information, with the cooperation of Chinese military officials, back to Beijing.
Su’s life in Canada did little to arouse suspicion. He had a wife and two kids. He ran his own business — Lode Technologies, based in Beijing, but with an office in Vancouver. Quietly, he was the center of an international hacking organization that stole highly sensitive information from some of the world’s most powerful defense companies.

He also managed to grab volumes of data relating to the F-22 and F-35 fighter jets, both of which are made by Lockheed Martin.
The operation was complex, and expensive. The team said that they had servers set up in the United States, Korea, Singapore, and elsewhere to serve as “hop points,” which act as intermediaries to mask the attacking computer’s IP address. The hackers also had work stations in Hong Kong and Macao, in order to “avoid diplomatic and legal complications.

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Man who sold F-35 secrets to China pleads guilty

Vice News; Man Who Sold F-35 Secrets to China Pleads Guilty; Justin Ling; 24-Mar-2016

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