Mrt 25 2011

Canadian Harper government falls - JSF key issue

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The conservative Canadian Harper (minority) government has been defeated in the Canadian Parliament on a non-confidence motion supported by the opposition, setting the stage for a federal election in early May.

The Liberal motion declared that the government is in contempt of Parliament and has lost the confidence of the House of Commons. The motion passed by a vote of 156 to 145.

Mistrust about F-35 one of the key factors

One of the key issues leading to the fall of the Harper Government was the choice of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, more particular the way the Government took a decision without competion and the misleading information send to the Parliament about the F-35 JSF.

Two weeks ago the Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page said in a report Thursday that his $29.3 billion estimate covers the purchase price and sustainment costs for the fleet over 30 years. The government, however, said it stands by its figures. It says it has committed $9-billion to buy the 65 planes and they will cost around $70 million each. It estimates they will cost between $250 million and $300 million to service per year.

Due to the difference in numbers the opposition parties accused the Conservatives that they were being dishonest with Canadians about the fighter jet deal that was announced last summer.
The reaction of Harper at a news conference in Toronto the same day simply was: “I’m not going to get into a lengthy debate on numbers, the F-35 is the “only option available” to replace the aging CF-18 fleet and to serve the purposes of the Canadian Forces. We’re following a long-term plan here and we’re purchasing at a time where we know the cost of production will be the lowest”

The opposition parties were furious because the pricetag for the planes would be higher than the government has been saying. The opposition accused the Conservatives of being secretive about the deal and that the government wasn’t fully informing the public about the F-35s. It became one of the main issues leading to today’s

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter key election issue

In the coming elections to be held in May 2011 the Liberals will make the F-35 deal a key line of attack against the government during a campaign, just as they have hammered the government over it in the House of Commons for weeks. They say the Conservatives are wasting millions of dollars on the planes.

One Response to “Canadian Harper government falls - JSF key issue”

  1. Chrisison 26 Mrt 2011 at 11:08

    Goed voorbeeld, doet goed volgen!

    Hopelijk ook en snel in Nederland. Als de JSF er door gedrukt gaat worden, ook in kleinere aantallen, dan betekend dat wat mij betreft dat het jachtseizoen voor de oppositie geopend is.

    De brief bezuinigingsbrief die komende week naar de kamer gaat lijkt me daarbij een gepaste reden. Als de JSF er doorgedrukt zou worden, ook in kleinere aantallen, dan is dat onbegrijpelijk en onacceptabel. De hele krijgsmacht is nu al een kreupel vehicle, laat staan als men de JSF er doorheen krijgt. Marine, Luchtmacht en Landmacht zullen dan de offers brengen.

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