Mrt 29 2011

Canadian conservative politician lobbied for Lockheed Martin

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Canadian CBC News revealed that Raymond Sturgeon, a candidate running for the Conservative Party in northern Ontario, is a senior partner at the Ottawa-based lobbying firm CFN Consultants. This company works for several clients, but Lockheed Martin is one of their clients. Raymond Sturgeon was an active lobbyist for Lockheed Martin until December 15, 2010. Since that data he has an “inactive” registration with the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying of Canada on the Lockheed Martin file.
Raymon Sturgeon had a long career in the Canadian military and at the Department of National Defence before becoming a lobbyist,

However CBC News writes There are no records indicating he met with any government officials on behalf of his client. Shortly after his registration as a lobbyist for Lockheed Martin ended, Sturgeon was selected as the Conservative candidate in January.

Source: CBC News; 29-mar-2011; Tory candidate lobbied for F-35 jet firm

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