Apr 27 2011

New problems with JSF F135 engine reported

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Only a couple of days after the termination of the FY2011 budget in the F136 engine development contract new problems are reported by Stephen Trimble of Flight International in the competitive F135 engine program.

Some quotes from the article “New engine snag upsets F-35 manufacturing progress”:

Pratt & Whitney confirms that a “small number” of F135 test and production engines have been replaced with spares since March. The replacements were ordered after a ground test engine was found to be mis-assembled after an overhaul, Pratt & Whitney says. Further checks identified the same problem on other test and production engines.
“These engines are being replaced by spare engines on site in Fort Worth, with no impact to the F-35 flight test programme,” the company says.
However, Venlet says the engine problem has caused a short-term interruption to the new manufacturing plan.


Venlet’s predecessor, Brig Gen David Heinz, also complained about quality control issues on the F135 engine, telling reporters in July 2009 that although individual turbine stages met quality specifications, the combined stack of stages in a completed engine did not meet tolerances for quality.

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