Mei 20 2011

Pentagon: “Operating Costs Biggest Threat to F-35″

Gepubliceerd door om 18:30 onder Global F35 News

Defense News reports about the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, reporting about the testimony of Pentagon procurement chief Ashton Carter:

“Over the lifetime of this program, the decade or so, the per-aircraft cost of the 2,443 aircraft has doubled in real terms, that’s what it’s going to cost if we keep doing what we’re doing. That’s unacceptable. That’s unaffordable. (…..) Nobody is going to pay that bill, it’s way too high. (…) Having the thing costs much more than buying the thing. Seventy cents of the cost of every program is having it, 30 cents is getting it.”

Source(link): Defense News; 20-May-2011 DoD: Operating Costs Biggest Threat to F-35

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