Feb 23 2012

F-35 testing status released by Lockheed Martin

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Lockheed Martin released today the flight test summary for the first two months of 2012. According to the company, as of Feb. 20, 2012 the F-35 program accumulated 114 flight tests and achieved 773 test points this year, representing roughly 10 percent of the System Development and Demonstration (SDD) flight test plan for 2012, which calls for the accumulation of 1,001 test flights and 7,873 test points.


Performance issues associated with DAS have limited the use of the F-35 unique helmet display and sight, developed for the program by VSI. The sight was designed to use DAS live image feeds to display the outside view for the pilot, alleviating the need for night vision goggles for night flight. BAE Systems and VSI were asked to work on temporary solutions using NVG, to provide a near-term solution.


Eglin AFB, Fla., where the F-35 training force is based has become home of the largest F-35 fleet. The 2nd marine Aircraft Wing Fighter/Attack training squadron 501 received three more aircraft in January – BF6, BF8 and BF7. The delivery of BF7 on January 19th marked the 23rd Lightning II delivered to the DOD. While the Eglin fleet keep growing, F-35s are still grounded as flight operations and training await military flight clearance which is expected in a few weeks.

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