Feb 23 2012

AFA: Lockheed Readies Aggressive F-35 Test Schedule

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ORLANDO, Fla. — Lockheed Martin is preparing to ramp up flight testing of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter over the next year, including the first release of live weapons.

The multinational, tri-service program has put together a robust flight test schedule for 2012, according to Alan Norman, Lockheed’s F-35 chief test pilot. The program is expected to conduct more than 10,000 test points per year in 2013, 2014 and 2015, Norman said at a Feb. 23 briefing at an Air Force Association-sponsored conference here.


The program has started “pit testing” of weapons, or releasing weapons while the aircraft is parked on the ground. A Marine Corps F-35B has participated in these tests and similar trials will be conducted on an Air Force jet soon.
In recent weeks, F-35 aircraft have been flying with external, wing-mounted weapons, clearing the envelope for eventual live fire tests.

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