Mei 25 2012

UK newspaper: JSF may melt the decks of aircraft carriers

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This week the UK Newspaper “The Mirror” reports about the damage of the flight decks by the vertical landing F-35B STOVL version:

“New Harrier-style jump jets set to fly from Navy aircraft carriers could melt their decks, US trials show.
Tests found the fumes which blast out of the £500million Joint Strike Fighters when they land damage the ships’ decks.

Now the UK will have to go cap in hand to the Americans, who are developing a new super-tough, heat resistant deck coating to deal with the problem. The blunder cost Britain £250million.
The flaw is the latest problem to hit the Ministry of Defence’s shambolic plan for two aircraft carriers, costing £6.2billion.”

New timetable

Originally the UK expected to acquire about 150 F-35s and to reach operational capability in 2010-2012. At this moment only three F-35s have been contracted, to be used in the -three years- delayed IOT&E. Decision on additional buys will be taken around 2015-2017. The Government now expects to have operational military capability of the Carrier strike in 2020. This is in line with previous statements in 2010 to deliver carrier strike capability from around 2020. Mr Hammond laid out the following timetable in his announcement on 10 May 2012

- July 2012 Delivery of first test aircraft (F-35B, BK1)
- 2016 Delivery of first production aircraft
- 2017 Queen Elizabeth begins sea trials
- 2018 Aircraft begin flying from Queen Elizabeth
- 2020 Operational military capability of carrier strike

Read more…. The Mirror, UK, 24-May-2012

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