Mei 28 2012

Stars and Stripes: “Problems caused by toxic stealth coatings?”

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the US Stars and Stripes writes about the problems with that F-22 pilots experience. Is it a problem with the oxygen-system only? Is there contamination with bleed-air? A Stars and Stripes article suggests that the toxic stealth coating may play a role. When true this would be a possible problem for the F-35 also.

The Air Force says its F-22 Raptor brings something to the battle that no other U.S. jet fighter can match: Its ability to evade radar through stealth technology.

But now critics are offering up a troubling hypothesis: Could the very materials that make the Raptor stealthy be contributing to problems of dizziness and disorientation that some pilots have experienced in the cockpit?

Air Force investigators are looking into the possibility that toxic substances are infiltrating the pilot’s air supply. That’s one of their main theories. The other is that pilots are simply not getting enough oxygen

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