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F-35 opposition grows in US and Canada “Drop the trouble prone F-35″

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Yesterday the US website Motherboard published an overview of the JSF project, titled (see link) “The F-35 guide to avoiding radars, accountants, and reality“. Most of it is “opinion”.

F-35: Something odd is going on

One statement is very interesting:
“The following will always say nice things about military aircraft programs: The right-wing press (as long it’s made in their country), right-wing politicians (as long as it’s made in their state), aviation journalists, technology publications and the armed forces. So when any of these groups starting growling at a project, something odd is going on.”

Lockheed’s Public Relations Efforts Keep the F-35 Sold

Is is very interesting seeing Lockheed Martin’s Public Relations machine efforts busy to keep the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter sold. about that side of the PR war around the F-35 David Axe writes in the Swiss Magazine ““:
At the opposite end of the influence spectrum, Lockheed tries to shape the online conversation about the F-35, indirectly adding its voice to the sometimes chaotic back-and-forth between aviation enthusiasts, pilots, engineers, academics and journalists on blogs and Internet forums and in the comment sections of news stories.”

An overview of US media coverage

May be, it can be considered as a warning “something odd is going on”. But this week a gulf of negative publicity was published in all kind of media in the United States of America and Canada.
The Washington Times wrote: “The Navy’s former top officer believes the Defense Department should consider replacing the F-35A — the Air Force’s variant of the so-called Joint Strike Fighter — with the aircraft carrier model, the F-35C. But Air Force pilots dismiss the idea of flying a heavier fighter jet, and instead propose that the Marine Corps abandon its version, the F-35B, arguing that its costly helicopter-style landing feature is useful only at air shows.”

A long overview article in the Washington Times “Prices soar, enthusiasm dives for F-35
and related in the same newspaper “Super fighter will get pilots shot down

Wall Street Journal “Air Force Warns New Fighter Jet Is Getting Too Costly, Urges Contractors to Take Action

Wired.Com “Test Pilots: Stealth Jet’s Blind Spot Will Get It Gunned Every Time

AOL Defense; 6-mar-2013; “F-35A immature for training JPO says

Chicago Tribune (Reuters); “Pentagon F-35 chief sees progress, but affordability still focus

And this week in Canada ….

The Star; 8-mar-2013; “F-35 fighter jet plagued by poor visibility, Pentagon report warns; 6-mar-2013; “F-35 design increases risk of being shot down, pilots say

CBC News; 6-mar-2013; “F-35 fighter panned by U.S. test pilots

IPolitics; 6-mar-2013; “Drop the trouble-prone F-35, says opposition


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