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F-35 Lightning II Program Status and Fast Facts March 2013

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Test activity
SDD flight test activity totals for 2013 as of 12-March-2013, are provided below:
- F-35A flight science conventional takeoff and landing (CTOL) jets have flown 31 times.
- F-35B flight science short takeoff/vertical landing (STOVL) aircraft have completed 17 flights.
- F-35C carrier variant (CV) jets have flown 41 times.
- Mission Systems Test aircraft have flown 50 times (AF-3/AF-6/AF-7/BF-17 and BF-18)
In the first 10 weeks of 2013 the F-35 has flown 139 times. Flight testing in 2013 is behind schedule (planning about 210 flights).

Since December 2006, F-35s have flown 4.069 times and accrued more than 6.350 cumulative flight hours. This total includes 91 flights from the original test aircraft, AA-1; 2.734 SDD test flights; and 1.244 production-model flights.

Recent test flight highlights:
- On February 1, AF-3 flew the first F-35 program Infra-Red Countermeasures separation.
- On February 5, the F-35 fleet (AA-1, SDD and LRIP) surpassed 6,000 flight hours
- On February 14, the first F-35C production model (CF-6) took flight in Fort Worth
- On February 20, the first F-35 flight at MCAS Yuma was completed by BF-20
- On February 21 the JSF Program Office issued a 10 days precautinonary suspension of flight operations
after a serious engine problem with a F-35A
- On March 2, the second Netherlands aircraft (AN-2) rolled out of the F-35 production facility
- On March 4, AF-18 and AF-19 ferried to Luke AFB then to Edwards AFB on March 6 (final destination)
- On March 4, BF-17 ferried to Fort Worth and then to EDW the next day
- On March 6, AF-21 and AF-22 ferried to Nellis AFB
- On March 5, the F-35 Fleet (AA-1, SDD and LRIP) surpassed 4,000 flights
- On March 6, BF-25 and BF-26 completed their first flight
- On March 7, BF-24 completed its first flight
- On March 11, AF-24 ferried to Nellis AFB
- On March 11, AF23 makes an emergency landing at Lubbock Internatial Airport during ferry flight to Nellis AFB;
despite misleading statements of L-M and Lubbock Airport the F-35A was still in a hangar at Lubbock several days later
- On March 13, Eglin AFB flew 19 sorties, which is their highest one day total to date.

F-35 Fleet Status

F-35 Deliveries:
52 F-35s have been delivered to the Department of Defense:
- 14 System Development and Demonstration (SDD) aircraft (and 6 more static)
- 38 Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) aircraft, including two international F-35s
- No new deliveries since January 31, 2013.

System Development and Demonstration (SDD) Fleet
- 17 F-35s comprise the SDD test fleet.
There are six F-35As assigned to Edwards AFB, Calif. (4 Original aircraft and 2 preproduction aircraft AF-6 and AF-7)
Seven F-35Bs (5 SDD aircraft and 2 LRIP aircraft) along with four F-35Cs stationed at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Md.

Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) Aircraft
- There are 22 LRIP F-35s based at Eglin AFB, Fla. (9x F-35A and 13x F-35B)
- There are 1 LRIP F-35Bs based at PAX River NAS, Maryland.
- There are 2 LRIP F-35As and 1 LRIP F-35B based at Edwards AFB, Calif. (AF-6 and AF-7 loaned to SDD)
- There are 2 LRIP F-35As at Edwards AFB for Operational Testing
- There are 3 LRIP F-35Bs based at MCAS Yuma, Ariz.
- There are 3 LRIP F-35As based at Nellis AFB
- There is 1 LRIP F-35A (AF23) currently in Lubbock, Texas)after emergency landing
- There are 3 LRIP F-35s undergoing checkout flights at the F-35 production facility in Fort Worth

Planned production quantities

Calendar year 2013 - Low rate intitial production (LRIP) 5
- 22 F-35A US Air Force
- 7 F-35B US Marine Corps
- 7 F-35C US Navy
Total 32 F-35s (32 US and 0 international)

Calendar year 2014 - Low rate intitial production (LRIP) 6
- 18 F-35A US Air Force
- 5 F-35B US Marine Corps
- 7 F-35C US Navy
- 2 F-35A Italy
- 2 F-35A Australia
Total 35 F-35s (31 US and 4 international)

Calendar year 2015 - Low rate intitial production (LRIP) 7
- 19 F-35A US Air Force
- 6F-35B US Marine Corps
- 4 F-35C US Navy
- 3 F-35A Italy
- 1 F-35B United Kingdom
- 2 F-35A Australia
Total 35 F-35s (29 US and 6 international)
(2 Turkish F-35A canceled in this LRIP7 batch, moved to future batch, to be decided)

Calendar year 2016 - Low rate intitial production (LRIP) 8
- 19 F-35A US Air Force
- 6F-35B US Marine Corps
- 4 F-35C US Navy
- 4 F-35B United Kingdom
- 2 F-35A Norway
Total 35 F-35s (29 US and 6 international)

No production increase until 2017 with low and flat number for US force.
Budget pressure by sequestration may cause further reductions.

Source: press release Lockheed Martin; 14-Mar-2013

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