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What the Lubbock Emergency landing of a F-35 shows……..

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Do you remember our news item of March 12, 2013 about the Lubbock Emergency landing?
You could read:
One of the two F-35A fighter (AF-23 and AF-24) jets headed to a Nellis AFB (Nevada, USA) on its delivery flight has made an unscheduled landing on March 11, 2013 at 01:40 p.m. local time on a civil airfield Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport, Texas (300 miles after take-off from Lockheed Martin Fort Worth). Airport executive director James Loomis said the plane remained on the airport’s runway apron by 5:30 p.m. Monday. The malfunction was fixed by the evening and the plane (AF-23) took off for Nevada Lubbock Airport Executive Director James Loomis reported later.”

Some inconvenient facts comes to the light; official didn’t tell the truth…

The same day local and national news papers reported (March 11, 2013 – 6:10 pm)
The aircraft took off from the Lockheed Martin F-35 production facility in Fort Worth at approximately 12:42pm for a flight to Nellis Air Force Base, Nev. (../..) They tells us a maintenance team from Lockheed Martin is being dispatched to the Lubbock IA to determine the cause of the incident and repair the jet for flight….”

The next day the newsitems was changed at some websites (March 12, 2013 – 12:15 am)
The aircraft took off from the Lockheed Martin F-35 production facility in Fort Worth at approximately 12:42pm for a flight to Nellis Air Force Base, Nev. (../..)
The aircraft was stationed on a ramp at Lubbock Aero and supervised by National Guard officers until maintenance crews arrived.
The malfunction was fixed by the evening and the plane took off for Nevada at 5:30 p.m., Lubbock Airport Executive Director James Loomis describes
Not true, the F-35A was towed already to a hangar…….

Malfunction not fixed after 230 minutes, not even after 230 hours…….

It seems, the statement of Lubbock Airport Executive Director James Loomis was not the plain truth. The F-35 was towed to a hangar and one week later the F-35A AF-23 was still there. Why did James Loomis tell something different to the press?
Not 230 minutes, no, not even 230 hours later the F-35A was in the air again!

Interesting, but later removed, Lockheed Martin statement “AF23 currently in Lubbock”

Last week the Lockheed Martin F-35 Communications Team released the monthly “F-35 Lightning II Program Status and Fast Facts” overview.
And, slip of the pen of the LM Communication Team, we could read:
There are 3 LRIP F-35As based at Nellis AFB. Plus AF-23 currently in Lubbock, Texas”.
That is news, because it shows that the problems with the F-35A weren’t solved and it must have more than a simple “flickering warning light”. It must have been a “land as soon as possible” event since the military airfield Cannon AFB is a short distance northwest of the civil Lubbock International Airport.

Eight days after the emergency landing

On March 19, 2013 Reuters US reported:
Aside from one night in a fenced area, the plane has been kept in a guarded hangar at the airport, according to airport officials.” But no word about the misleading statement of March 11 of the airport official James Loomis that “the plane took-off for Nevada at 05:30 pm”.

Las Vegas Review Journal told this story March 19, 2013 at 7:56 pm:
Three of the $67 million jets landed at the base earlier this month, and a fourth was cleared to fly Tuesday from Lubbock, Texas, where it made a precautionary landing March 11. It was on its way to Nellis from Lockheed Martin’s production plant in Fort Worth, Texas. “There was a wire connector issue in the flight control system, but the pilot was never in danger,” Lockheed spokesman Michael Rein said. He said the plane has a triple redundant backup system for flight control. “We fixed it, powered up the airplane, and everything checked out”.”

And one day later the newsitem was updated. We can read in the newsstory:
The plane had not arrived at Nellis late Tuesday.”

Removal of the official Press Release

Last Friday March 22, 2013 the press release of March 14, 2013 with the “Status and Fast Facts” had been removed from all official F-35 websites (L-M, JPO, F-35 Canada, etc.).
It not only contained inconvenient facts about the Lubbock Emergency landing, but also, it is clear that the test flight program is far behind schedule with only about 140 flights performed until March 12, 2013 (out of a total of 210 planned flights). See: this publication of the status report by JSFNieuws. No good news.

What the Lubbock Emergency landing shows?

That we need independent news websites, bringing the facts – positive and negative.
And, what really happened during the Lubbock Emergency Landing?


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  1. willemhagemanon 24 Mrt 2013 at 15:24

    We don’t need independent news websides bringing the facts. First of all there are hardly or not even fully independent news media and there will never be one. Secondly we have JSFnieuws that brings us uncoulored and without a grain of salt positive and negative JSF news. Unfortunately this site has to bring more negative than positive news. All of us would love that what the vice president of LM recently said about the capabilities of the JSF will materialize, but I myself don’t believe in what he has said. May be one of the biggest liars is LM together with others directly or indirectly involved in this program.They all must know better unless they are still whisful thinking or insane and must go asleep with some sence of guilt. I could not live with a feeling fooling gouvernments and taxpayers.

    I have a good cost free proposal for the Dutch public TV broadcast stations payed by us as taxpayers who are facing budget cuts. By the way nothing wrong with those budget cuts, should have been more, but this aside. All the ingredients for a JSF cover-up soap are free avaiable on the internet and taxpayers all over the world will love such a soap. With a little imagination one can produce this soap in such a way that it can be sold worldwide. I can help writing the script for the biggest useless military buy ever and would like to be an actor in that soap and many others as well I assume, but none of us are professional actors. as I know. As co star opponent players one could think of representatives of NIFARP, Mat Herben and good old friend Dick Berlijn. But be patient, because more ingredientts for this soap will become available as time goes by. See also LI/Project vervanging F-16 and LI/ F-35 Connections.

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