Mrt 28 2013

Dutch MoD: running JSF too expensive at this moment

Gepubliceerd door om 11:26 onder Global F35 News reports from The Netherlands:
The cost of using the JSF fighter jet in the long term is a ‘major concern’ and will be ‘unaffordable’ for the US military, defence minister Jeanine Hennis quotes a US audit office and Pentagon report as saying.
‘The current figures show the annual cost of running the JSF will be 60% higher than current US fighter jets,’ Hennis said in a briefing to parliament

See more: “Running the JSF fighter jet currently ‘too expensive’ says minister

Referring to the same discussion in The Netherlands, Defense Aerospace reports about an interview with right winged VVD member of parliament Vuijk:
A consensus is nearing among Dutch political parties to buy no more than 36 F-35A fighters – and perhaps as few as 30 – to replace the Royal Netherlands Air Force’s remaining fleet of 68 F-16 fighters. ”
The de facto agreement between coalition parties on the lower figure was revealed by Robald Vuijk, the right-wing VVD party’s defense spokesman, MP and member of Parliament’s Defence Committee, in a March 27 interview with the daily newspaper De Telegraaf. In the interview, Vuijk said that his party believes that only the F-35 suits Dutch requirements, and that a final decision is needed this year, as soon as possible. “We don’t want any further delays,” he said.”

See: Defense Aerospace “Dutch Consensus Building on Acquisition of 30-36 F-35 Fighters

Also see: Telegraaf (Dutch) “VVD kan leven met ruim 30 JSF’s

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