Mrt 29 2013

Dutch MOD: operating JSF too expensive at this moment

Gepubliceerd door om 10:28 onder Global F35 News

DutchNews reports:

The cost of using the JSF fighter jet in the long term is a ‘major concern’ and will be ‘unaffordable’ for the US military, defence minister Jeanine Hennis quotes a US audit office and Pentagon report as saying. ‘The current figures show the annual cost of running the JSF will be 60% higher than current US fighter jets,’ Hennis said in a briefing to parliament. The Netherlands has committed to buying two test planes and Hennis will take a final decision on replacing the Dutch armed forces’ F-16s with the JSF at the end of this year

See more at: - Running the JSF fighter jet currently ‘too expensive’ says minister

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