Aug 20 2006


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JSF NIEUWS is a Dutch Website with independent information about the Joint Strike Fighter Program.

Chief editor of JSFNIEUWS:
The JSFNieuws editorial team exists of a variable group of aviation and defence professionals.

JSF is a completely independent website and is publishing news about the JSF program without any pecuniary or other connections with Defence, political organisations or companies, that may, perceived or otherwise, distort or detract from such independence.

The mission is to publish as objective as possible news and background information about the JSF program with a focus at the replacement of the F16 in the Royal Netherlands Airforce

Our vision is (1) freedom of information is cornerstone of a democracy;(2) our defence organisations need to purchase the right equipment to protect our homeland (3) a balanced and responsible use of our taxmoney is necessary and (4) preventing the purchase of wrong equipment which will harm our defense organisation and national security after 2015.
JSFNIEUWS maintains global contacts with persons and organisations in defence and industry and endeavours to cross check all sources used in publications.

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